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  • What are the marketing approaches a Realtor may take to sell my home and how effective are they?  Answer   
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How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar: Insider Tips
Staging your house can make you money. Seventy-one percent of sellers’ agents believe a well-staged environment increases the dollar value buyers are willing to offer, according to the NAR “2015 Profile of Home Staging.” Check out these insider tips for staging here!

If you’re thinking about buy a home, the first thing you should do is focus on exactly what you're looking for. Start by establishing your priorities in these three areas:

  1. Location: How will the location of schools, shops and transportation affect your choice of neighborhoods?
  2. Personal tastes: How large a home do you need? What style of architecture do you prefer? On what kind of lot?
  3. Budget: How much home is wise for you to own?

There is also the question of whether or not to buy a new home. New homes tend to have more spacious living and family rooms, and they’re generally easier to maintain. However, many homes built years ago offer more total space for the money and larger yards. Taxes may also be lower.

Many people are charmed by the character of an older home, but deterred by potential maintenance costs. PDS Real Estate offers Home Protection Plan gives you a safety net for unexpected repairs on many home systems and appliances for a full year or more after you move in.

If you’re thinking of buying a new construction home, there are other matters to take into account.


To sell your home PDS advertise in:


We Offer our current and past clients;

  • Free home evaluation and market analyses

  • Referrals to lenders for current mortgage or refinance

  • Referrals to home repairs and remodeling

  • Referrals to Home Inspection companies

  • Referrals to Home Insurance agents

  • Down sizing services and Staging

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Monthly Hot Topic Question

Top reasons Ohio REALTORS’® transactions have not closed in the past year.

Inspection issues Financing issues Appraisal issues Contingencies

Did you knowone of major reason a home sale dose notclose is due to Home Inspection issues continue to be the number one reason transactions do not close.. Second was financing issues and third , appraisal issues and  last issues is sale of home contingencies have also stopped transactions from closing in the past year. As one of my major listing requirements when representing a seller is to have their home inspected before they list the home.  As for the financing I require that all offers have a loan commitment letter  this is the reliable letter because the lender has reviewed all aspect of the buyer’s financial and it has gone through underwriting.


Whether you want to hire a moving company or handle the move yourself, PDS can help.

When hiring a moving company, it is well worth the time and energy to make sure the company is reputable. The level of professionalism and integrity among movers can vary significantly. Ask PDS, friends and co-workers for recommendations, then get estimates from several companies. PDS can also coordinate a free moving estimate.

PDS can help you if you choose to move yourself – from truck rental, purchasing boxes or simply being a good source for the “how-to” of moving – we are here to assist you before, during and after the purchase of your new home. Most agents are more than willing to offer advice and assistance to new homeowners; all you have to do is ask.


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